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Saturday, September 11, 2010

KLCI Stock - SEB / 5163 - 2010 Quarter 2

Market Cap : 80000000*0.625 = 50,000,000 (Very Small)
NTA per share : 53304/71459 = 0.75
P/BV : 0.625/0.75 = 0.8333
Forecast P/E now : N/A
DY : N/A
Fixed Asset Turnover : N/A
Liquidity Ratio : 52308/19528 = 2.6786 (Moderate)
Receivables Collection Period : N/A
My Target Price : Not interested unless revenue and profit increase more
My Decision : NOT BUY
My Comment : Revenue and profit dropped a lot if compare to FY09, cash increased from CFF, below moderate debt and decreased, expanding production capacity, steel price decreased, Europe market still not yet recovery, entire o&g industry getting better
Technical Support Price : N/A
Risk Rating : HIGH

My notes based on 2010 Quarter 2 report (number in '000):

- The current quarter results showed a Group revenue of RM16.23 million and a profit before taxation (PBT) of RM0.68 million as compared to a revenue of RM36.00 million and profit before taxation (PBT) of RM6.02 million in the corresponding quarter of the previous financial year. The lower PBT was mainly due to lower sales achieved in the current financial period to date

- The profit before taxation of RM0.95 million for the current quarter as compared to the loss before taxation in preceding quarter of RM0.26 million was mainly due to higher sales in the current quarter

- Revenue and profit dropped a lot when compared to FY09,08,07, average EPS in last 3 years was 0.1386, if FY10 still can achieve this result then PE base on current price 0.685 = 4.94

SEB latest news (English)

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